grounds the expression in the 1940s, especially as used by US soldiers during World War II to express emphatic, intensive assent.

The first citation Jesse Sheidlower provides in his sweary essential, .

You're incapable of having an open dialog without devolving into a rude triggered pile of butthurt.

It's ppl like you who think they speak for the entire LGBT community that r twisted.


Let me spell it out for you because you seem to be having difficulty understanding.

Welcome to Hillary Clinton’s “liberated” Libya, where human beings are being sold as slaves and slaughtered based on the color of their skin by jihadist “rebels” that she and Obama helped bring to power. Those who foolishly dismiss these creatures, claiming "Porgs are the new Ewoks" are simply ignoring their versatility and impact on our cinematic history.

I can say from experience they steal every scene they're in!

If legislation regarding marriage equality can protect those freedoms then I have absolutely no issue with marriage equality.

My sister feels exactly the same, the problem is we have real ignorant people like you who couldn't care less about other people's freedoms.

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